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The FACILE series is perfect for sofas and armchairs with clean and thin lines. Thanks to its very solid and compact base structure, it allows the designer a wide range of choices in the form of the finished product. The options allow the creation of fixed or rotating armchairs, with manual or electric movement, with 1 or 2 motors and different seat widths.

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Solid and functional, the relax mechanisms for sofas and armchairs of the Onda family are designed for the most spacious upholstered furniture. Thanks to their versatility they can meet the most different needs both in the manual and in the electric type. In some models the visible parts of the mechanics are embellished with a chrome finish, ideal for the most modern environments.

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The relaxation mechanisms of the Spazio series come with an additional flap that allows for a greater extension of the footboard. This relaxation mechanism is ideal for creating deeper and more compact seats and is available both in the electric version and in the manual version.

SPAZIO family 1/2 pdf private area
SPAZIO family 2/2 pdf private area



The Profondo mechanics are ideal for making upholstered furniture with a deeper and more compact seat. The reduced thickness allows you to mount the mechanism also very close to the floor.
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Evolutions of the Spazio family, in the Relaxation Mechanics Suite the footboard is able to lift even more: a good 9 centimeters compared to previous versions. Thanks to the presence of an additional flap that makes the footboard longer, the mechanism is perfect for creating upholstered furniture with an increased level of comfort, all with an open base of up to 15 cm.

SUITE family 1/2 pdf private area
SUITE family 2/2 pdf private area



The mechanics Perfetto is extremely innovative. With just one actuator, the depth of the seat is adjusted for a feeling of maximum comfort. Very compact, it is suitable for sofas and armchairs with an open base.
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Open Space


The Open space invisible is characterized by high innovation. It is designed to be completely integrated with the upholstery and provides a wide choice of designs and finishes of the end product. The footrest is fastened at the centre and not at the sides, creating the invisible effect. In this way. the mechanism disappears without affecting the sofa outline even when the furniture is open. In the Open Space version, the front design is enhanced thanks to a smaller front plate and a thinner flap.
The mechanism is perfect to realize upholstered furniture with an open space up to 15 cm.
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The Svago series is complete with metal seat and back already provided with springs or belt springs. Available in electric or manual version, 1 or 2 motors, with visible footrest.
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Innovative products that combine backrest and headrest features. The simplicity and elegance of the movement make this mechanism an artwork in movement.
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The mechanisms of the Oplà series are complete with metal seat and back. Available in manual or electric mode (from one to three motors), retractable footrest and swivel version.

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