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The head restraints of the Pliv line are widely used thanks to their flexibility and easily adapt to the design and ergonomics of the finished product. Comfort guaranteed in all positions, from TV to relaxation, thanks to cervical support.
PLIV 26 compact manual private area
PLIV 26 compact motorized private area
PLIV 36 compact manual private area
PLIV 36 compact motorized private area
PLIV 49 compact manual private area
PLIV 49 compact motorized private area
PLIV 70 compact manual private area
PLIV 70 compact motorized private area
PLIV 46 compact manual private area
PLIV 48 compact manual private area



The headrest series Attivo is characterized by an elegant design of the levers and a careful aesthetic care of the chrome parts. High quality of materials and reduced size.
ATTIVO motorized private area



Reduced dimensions and versatility are the characteristics of the head restraints of the Stile line. Easy and practical to assemble.
STILE manual private area
STILE motorized private area
STILE extended manual private area
STILE extended motorized private area
STILE extended plus motorized private area
STILE hibryd private area

New Cripto


Thanks to the different positions with sequential shooting, the New Cripto headrest has a high degree of customization (it is available in 10, 12 and 13 positions) and reduced overall dimensions.
New Cripto private area

Stand Up


Available in the electric or manual version, the Stand Up family headrest rotates and translates with an extension of 80mm extension and is fully lined inside the sofa.
STAND UP manual private area
STAND UP motorized private area



The headrest of the Go Up series disappears completely into the frame. In the relax position the cervical support is a correct posture and maximum comfort.
GO UP manual private area
GO UP plus motorized private area
GO UP motorized private area




The backrest supports of the Sollievo family, in the electric and manual version, allow the backrest to extend from 250 to 400 mm for refined and contemporary designs.
SOLLIEVO motorized back private area
SOLLIEVO manual private area



The back supports of the Mitico family allow you to adjust the depth of the seat in two positions. Easy to use they allow large movements with minimum effort.

MITICO motorized private area

Sofa Joint



CATENE private area



The range of Texas ratchets is designed to meet the most varied needs. In addition to the classic jerky mechanism, different angles, positions and clutches are available. In the Slim version the size of the product is extremely compact.
Slim private area
1000 private area
2000 private area
3000 private area
4000 private area
5000 private area
6000 private area
7000 private area
8000 private area
9000 private area
9500 private area
9600 private area



In Seattle ratchets the clock mechanism is off-center or in axis with the levers. The translating version allows the upholstery to be kept in tension in the event of head restraints integrated into the upholstery. Choose from the many versions available ..
1000 orologio decentrato private area
2000 orologio centrato private area
3000 orologio strong private area
4000 orologio traslante private area
5000 orologio doppio traslante private area
7000 orologio slim private area
8000 orologio traslante con guide private area
9000 orologio con apertura a scatti private area
1100 frizionato private area

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